MO Accountable Manager

MO Management System

‘Accountable manager’ refers to the manager that is responsible and has corporate authority for ensuring that all production work is performed to the required standard. 

Refer to Annex 19 - 1.2.1 the MO shall:

a) identify the Accountable Executive who, irrespective of other functions, is accountable on behalf of the organisation, for the implementation and maintenance of an effective SMS.

b) clearly define lines of safety accountability throughout the organization, including a direct accountability for safety on the part of senior management,

c) identify the responsibilities of all members of management, irrespective of other functions, as well as of employees, with respect to the safety performance of the organization,

d) document and communicate safety accountability, responsibilities, and authorities throughout the organization,

e) define the levels of management with authority to make decisions regarding safety risk tolerability

The Accountable Manager 

Accountable manager is normally intended to mean the chief executive officer of the approved maintenance organisation, who by virtue of his or her position has overall (including in particular financial) responsibility for running the organisation. The accountable manager may be the accountable manager for more than one organisation and is not necessarily required to be knowledgeable on technical matters, as the MOE defines the maintenance standards. When the accountable manager is not the chief executive officer, the organisation should demonstrate to the competent authority that the accountable manager has direct access to the chief executive officer and has the necessary funding allocation for the intended maintenance activities.

The manager is responsible for ensuring that all necessary resources are available and properly used under the maintenance approval in accordance with Part 145.

As per 145.A.30 of Regulation (EU) 2021/1963 the MO shall appoint an accountable manager that has corporate authority to ensure that all maintenance activities of the organisation can be financed and carried out in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 and its delegated and implementing acts. The accountable manager shall:

1. ensure that all necessary resources are available to accomplish maintenance in accordance with Part 145 to support the organisation certificate;

2. establish and promote the safety policy specified in point 145.A.200(a)(2);

3. demonstrate a basic understanding of this Regulation.

A statement signed by the accountable manager confirming that the maintenance organisation will at all times work in accordance with Part 145 and with the approved MOE. If the accountable manager is not the chief executive officer of the organisation, then the chief executive officer shall countersign the statement.

Part 1 of the MOE should include a statement signed by the accountable manager (and countersigned by the chief executive officer, if different), confirming that the MOE and any associated manuals will be complied with at all times.


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