PO Accountable Manager

PO Management System

‘Accountable manager’ refers to the manager that is responsible and has corporate authority for ensuring that all production work is performed to the required standard. 

Refer to Annex 19 - 1.2.1 the PO shall:

a) identify the Accountable Executive who, irrespective of other functions, is accountable on behalf of the organisation, for the implementation and maintenance of an effective SMS Note: in the EU context, the Accountable Executive is designated as the Accountable Manager or, for DOA, Head of Design Organisation.

b) clearly define lines of safety accountability throughout the organization, including a direct accountability for safety on the part of senior management,

c) identify the responsibilities of all members of management, irrespective of other functions, as well as of employees, with respect to the safety performance of the organization,

d) document and communicate safety accountability, responsibilities, and authorities throughout the organization,

e) define the levels of management with authority to make decisions regarding safety risk tolerability

The Accountable Manager 

This function may be carried out by the chief executive officer (CEO) or by another person in the organisation, nominated by the CEO to fulfil the function, provided that the position and authority of that person in the organisation allows that person to discharge the associated responsibilities.

The manager is responsible for ensuring that all necessary resources are available and properly used under the production approval in accordance with Part 21, Section A, Subpart G.

As per 21.A.145 c) an Accountable Manager has been appointed by the production organisation with the authority to ensure that, within the organisation, all production is performed to the required standards and that the production organisation is continuously in compliance with the requirements of the production management system referred to in point 21.A.139, and the data and procedures identified in the POE referred to in point 21.A.143.

As per AMC1 21.A.145(c)(1)  the Accountable Manager (AM) should:

(1) have sufficient knowledge and authority to be able to respond to the competent authority regarding major issues concerning the production organisation approval (POA), and to carry out any necessary improvements;

(2) promote the safety policies and objectives that are specified in AMC1 21.A.139(c)(1); and

(3) demonstrate a Part 21 understanding that is sufficient to discharge the relevant responsibilities.

The production organisation exposition (POE) that is submitted in accordance with point 21.A.143 should show that the AM has the direct or functional responsibility for all the departments of the organisation which are involved in the POA. If any of those departments are functionally linked, the AM still has the ultimate responsibility for PO compliance with Part 21.

Subject to a risk assessment and the competent authority’s agreement, with due regard to the size of the organisation, and the nature and complexity of its activities, the functions of the compliance monitoring manager and the safety manager may be performed by the accountable manager, provided that the accountable manager has demonstrated the related level of competency.