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A new professional figure appears in the business of POA

Does anyone think that this professional figure is carried out only by the Competent Authorities ?

Are investigations only a task of the authorities ?

With the new POA SMS management system, key figures for the management of internal investigative activities on SAFETY enter the POA organization: the INTERNAL SAFETY INVESTIGATOR.

The PO nominated Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring the development, administration, and maintenance of effective safety risk management processes as defined in point 21.A.139(c)(3) and as per AMC1 21.A.145(c)(2), one of these items is to ensure the initiation and follow-up of internal investigations of occurrences.

In line with ‘just culture’ as part of the safety policy, as per AMC1 21.A.139(c)(3) and (4), the PO organisation should define how to investigate events such as 

in order to understand not only what happened, but also how it happened, as well as to prevent or reduce the probability and/or the consequences of any future recurrence. 

The scope of internal investigations should extend beyond the scope of the occurrences that are required to be reported to the competent authority in accordance with point 21.A.3A.

Each PO organisation may adapt its Safety Investigators training syllabus to its own needs. Typically, depending on the targeted staff

The Safety Manager needs safety Investigators and provide their development of personal characteristics such investigators, maintain their competence, improve their personal behaviour, knowledge and skills.

Tipically before qualify an INTERNAL SAFETY INVESTIGATOR after training they complete an OJT Training simulating a dedicated PO internal investigation, with collection, investigation, analysis and final Invetigation Report.

In these photos, Grace Harrison is Steia Aviation Internal Safety Investigation expert. 

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