PO Safety Manager

PO Management System

A new professional role for PO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:  the Safety Manager 

The person or group of persons nominated in accordance with PART 21 point 21.A.145(c)(2) should represent the management structure of the organisation and be responsible for all the functions as specified in Part 21, Subpart G

As indicated in the AMC1 21.A.139(c)(2) Production management system and ED Decision 2022/021/R the PO management system should encompass safety by including a safety manager and a safety review board in the organisational structure. 

The functions of the safety manager are defined in AMC1 21.A.145(c)(2).

Depending on the size of the approved production organisation (PO), the functions may be subdivided under individual managers (and in fact may be further subdivided) or combined in a variety of ways.

The PO organisation should nominate a person or a group of persons that are responsible for:

(1) the independent monitoring function as defined in point 21.A.139(e); and

(2) ensuring the development, administration, and maintenance of effective safety risk management processes as defined in point 21.A.139(c)(3).

If more than one person is designated for the management of the independent monitoring function, the AM should identify a unique focal point, typically known as the "Indipendent Compliance Monitoring Manager".

If more than one person is designated for the development, administration, and maintenance of effective safety risk management processes as defined in point 21.A.139(c)(3), the Accoubtable Manager should identify a "Safety Manager" as the unique focal point.

The Safety Manager should be:

(1) to facilitate hazard identification, as well as risk assessment and management;

(2) to monitor the implementation of action taken to mitigate risks, as listed in the safety action plan, unless action follow-up is addressed by the independent monitoring function;

(3) to provide periodic reports on safety performance to the safety review board (the functions of the safety review board are defined in AMC1 21.A.139(c)(2));

(4) to ensure the maintenance of safety management documentation;

(5) to ensure that there is safety training available, and that it meets acceptable standards;

(6) to provide advice on safety matters; and

(7) to ensure the initiation and follow-up of internal investigations of occurrences.

Subject to a risk assessment and the competent authority’s agreement, with due regard to the size of the organisation, and the nature and complexity of its activities, the functions of the compliance monitoring manager and the safety manager may be performed by the accountable manager, provided that the accountable manager has demonstrated the related level of competency.

The competency of the safety manager should include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) knowledge of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and EU requirements for safety management;

(2) an understanding of management systems, including compliance monitoring systems;

(3) an understanding of risk management;

(4) an understanding of safety investigation techniques;

(5) an understanding of HF, including HP and limitations;

(6) an understanding of a positive safety culture and of its promotion; and

(7) operational experience related to the activities of the organisation.

STEIA AVIATION supports POA SAFETY MANAGER for SMS Training and Management