The production organisation shall establish and maintain a
Production Organisation Exposition (POE)
that provides directly or by cross reference
the following information related
to the production management system
as described in point 21.A.139

The initial issue of the POE shall be approved
by the competent authority

The POE shall be amended as necessary
so that it remains an up-to-date description of the organisation

Copies of any amendments shall be supplied
to the competent authority.

A new professional approach for POE MANAGEMENT

The purpose of the production organisation exposition (POE) is to state in a concise documented format the organisational relationships, responsibilities, terms of reference, and the associated authority, procedures, means and methods of the organisation.

Where this information is documented and integrated in manuals, procedures and instructions, the POE should provide a summary of the information and an appropriate cross-reference.

STEIA AVIATION supports your organization for POE customization and management