Comprehensive, Regulatory-Compliant, Practical, Engaging

Steia stands as a specialist in delivering comprehensive Initial and Recurrent SMS Training applicable to PO, DO, MO, CAMO

These courses embody a pivotal component of our objective: the provision of meticulous and rigorous SMS training that empowers aviation professionals with the proficiency needed to champion safety within their roles. 

Steia's SMS Training Courses are characterized by their comprehensive nature, regulatory compliance, practical orientation, and engaging learning experiences.

Key Attributes of Steia Training Courses

 Steia's SMS Training Courses are meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Safety Management Systems. Participants delve into the intricate aspects of safety culture, risk assessment, safety assurance, and safety promotion, ensuring a holistic grasp of safety management principles.

Our courses adhere closely to regulatory standards and industry best practices. This compliance ensures that participants gain insights that are directly applicable to their roles within Design Organizations (DOA), Production Organizations (POA), Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (AMO), and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations (CAMO).

Steia's SMS Training Courses bridge theory with real-world application. We emphasize the practical implementation of safety measures and risk management strategies, enabling participants to translate learned concepts into actionable practices.

We recognize that engaged learners absorb knowledge more effectively. Thus, our courses are designed to be dynamic, interactive, and engaging. Practical exercises, case studies, and discussions foster an environment where participants actively participate and enhance their understanding.

Steia's commitment extends to offering SMS Training Courses in both English and Italian languages. The courses are tailored to cater to various sectors of the aviation industry, including PART 21, PART CAMO, and PART 145 organizations. By encompassing a wide range of topics, these courses equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to adeptly manage safety within their respective Design, Production, Maintenance, and Continuing Airworthiness roles.

In summary, Steia's Initial and Recurrent SMS Training Courses reflect our dedication to enhancing safety expertise across the aviation landscape. Through our comprehensive, regulatory-compliant, practical, and engaging approach, we empower participants to be safety champions within their organizations. 

Whether in English or Italian, for PART 21, PART CAMO, or PART 145, our SMS Training Courses pave the way for a safer and more proficient aviation industry


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