Your new SMS skilled AUDITOR
by Sally Anderson

SMS Training Manager , Steia Aviation 

Are you seeking to elevate your expertise as
SMS Part 145 Maintenance Auditor ? 

The "SMS PART 145 AUDITOR COURSE for Maintenance Organization", with the course code 145.EN.126 Steia Aviation is tailor-made for new SMS PART 145 AUDITOR.

In today's fast-paced aviation environment, where safety is paramount, having a solid understanding of Safety Management Systems is no longer just a good-to-have skill; it's a necessity. 

As the SMS Trainer at Steia Aviation, I want to share why attending the course 145.EN.101 can significantly enhance your safety management skills and make a positive impact on your career.

Course Overview:

Course Code: 145.EN.126

Course Title: "SMS PART 145 AUDITOR COURSE for Maintenance Organization"

Duration: 24 hours (adaptable in fractions of hours) + 1 OJT Practical Session

Language: Italian and English

Delivery: Presence and/or on WEBEX platform

Prerequisite: successfully completion the course "PART 145 SAFETY TRAINING"

Certificate: Codified and personalized Training Certificate

Why Choose Course 145.EN.126 ?

SMS Part 145 Maintenance Auditor

Fundamentals of SMS: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of SMS PART 145 AUDIT principles, aligned with SMS PART 145 and ISO 19011 standard. It covers the AUDIT PROCESS, including safety Audit, Safety Inspection, Safety Product Audi and Supplier Audit.

Expert Instructors : The course is led by experienced instructors (already qualified as Auditor) with practical knowledge in managing safety systems and PART 145 Auditing. Their insights and real-MRO Auditing examples add valuable context to the theoretical concepts.

Applicability to Regulations: Designed in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014, this course aligns with the regulatory framework that governs aviation safety AUDIT & INSPECTION, ensuring that your AUDITOR are up-to-date and fully competent.

Applicability to PART 145 Supliers : A pre-audit procedure should be established whereby the Part-145 organisation should audit a prospective subcontractor to determine whether those services of the subcontractor that it wishes to use meet the intent of Part-145. This audit should be performed under the responsibility of the compliance monitoring function.

Flexible Learning: The course's adaptability in terms of timing and delivery mode (presence or WEBEX) makes it convenient for professionals with busy schedules. You can learn at your own pace without compromising your work commitments.

Enhanced Competence: By completing the "SMS PART 145 AUDITOR COURSE for Maintenance Organization", you as trainee or your AUDITOR will gain the necessary skills to manage Compliance monitoring, as per MOE Chp 3.8, managing an effectivenss Audit Plan, conduct Product Audit and inspection, editing Audit findings, and Audit Reports, opening Risks and monitoring corrective actions.

Your SMS PART 145 Auditor will promote a proactive safety culture, identify safety risks, and effectively conduct safety audit within your organization on your Suppliers..

Certification: Successfully completing the course will earn you a codified and personalized "Internal Auditor Certificate", demonstrating your commitment to safety management and professional development.

Networking Opportunities: This course brings together aviation professionals from various backgrounds. Engaging in discussions and sharing experiences can broaden your perspective and foster valuable connections within the industry.

145.EN.126 - "SMS PART 145 AUDITOR COURSE for Maintenance Organization"

Greetings Aviation Enthusiasts,

An incredible opportunity awaits you to enhance your safety skills and contribute to the aviation industry's well-being. Join me in exploring Course 145.EN.126: "SMS PART 145 AUDITOR COURSE for Maintenance Organization," at Steia Aviation. I, Sally Anderson, a specialized SMS Trainer, will guide you through a transformative learning experience. Let's elevate our standards together and ensure a safer future for aviation.


Sally Anderson
Specialized SMS Trainer
Steia Aviation


Mrs Sally Anderson
Specialized SMS Trainer

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