"Enhancing Safety Together - Empowering Aviation Excellence !"


At Steia Aviation we have a great team

Polly Thomson - SMS specialized Safety Promoter

Sally Anderson - Safety Management System Trainer

Ava Morgan - Safety Assurance Trainer

Grace Harrison - Internal Safety Investigator Expert

Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell - Senior Woman Expert of SMS Safety Risk Management

Each of them brings valuable expertise and skills to their respective roles, contributing to the overall safety management and promotion efforts within the organization. 

With their combined knowledge and dedication, they are well-equipped to ensure a strong safety culture and effective safety management practices.

These team members bring diverse expertise and skills to their respective roles, collectively contributing to the overall safety management, promotion, and risk mitigation efforts at Steia Aviation. 


There are supporters and collaborators associated with the Steia Team. 

is involved in assisting Steia Aviation by supporting regulatory updates, analyzing norms, proposing amendments, and aiding compliance. His expertise as an aviation lawyer contributes significantly to ensuring that Steia Aviation adheres to regulations and maintains compliance within the aviation industry.. 

is a customer of Steia Aviation, utilizing Steia services. He exhibits robust business acumen, incorporating a sound grasp of business principles, adept financial management, and strategic decision-making vital for effective aviation management. 

These supporters contribute to the success and growth of Steia Aviation through sponsorship, collaboration, or as clients availing their services.