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SMS specialized Internal Safety Investigator

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Grace Harrison - Steia Internal Safety Investigator (Specialized for PO & MO)

GRACE is a specialized internal investigator for SMS,  Safety Management System, at STEIA Aviation. 

Grace has experience as a Safety Investigator at PO (Production Organisations) and MO (Maintenance Organisations), her role would involve leveraging her expertise to enhance safety measures within these organizations.

Her experience would enable her to employ investigative techniques to identify root causes and contributing factors behind safety issues.

Overall, Grace Harrison's experience as a Safety Investigator at PO and MO organizations would enable her to play a pivotal role in advancing safety initiatives, conducting thorough investigations, implementing preventive measures, and fostering a culture of safety excellence within these aviation entities. 


Grace Harrison's qualifications, experience, and skills make her a proficient and capable professional in the field of aviation safety management. Here are further details based on the provided information:




Grace Harrison's combined qualifications, experience, and skills position her as a competent professional capable of managing and enhancing safety measures within aviation organizations, fostering a culture of safety, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Grace Harrison's role in establishing this internal safety reporting scheme at STEIA AVIATION involves comprehensive measures to manage and address safety-related incidents, errors, near misses, and hazards within the organization. 

Here's how these specific elements might be addressed within the scheme applicable to MO and PO organizations :

Implementing these measures in the internal reporting scheme would contribute significantly to improving safety standards within STEIA AVIATION. It facilitates a proactive approach to safety management by addressing identified risks and enhancing overall safety protocols across all aspects of the organization's operations, including subcontracted activities.

"Ensuring aviation safety is not just a responsibility
it's a commitment to unwavering dedication"

This statement reflects Grace's belief.

Every reported error, near miss, or hazard is a crucial piece of information guiding us toward a safer tomorrow. By fostering a culture where transparency and accountability thrive, we transform challenges into opportunities for improvement. I firmly believe that by identifying, evaluating, and addressing these safety concerns, we pave the way for a sky where risks are mitigated, and every flight embodies the highest standards of safety and excellence.


Grace Harrison might enjoy based on her profession in aviation safety:

Flight Simulation: Grace might have an interest in flight simulation, using computer software or simulators to virtually experience flying different types of aircraft. This hobby allows her to practice flying and understand cockpit procedures.

Model Aircraft Building: Building and collecting model airplanes could be a hobby for Grace. This hobby involves assembling, painting, and sometimes even flying detailed model aircraft, showcasing her passion for aviation.

Attending Airshows: Grace might enjoy attending airshows, where she can witness aerobatic displays, see various aircraft, and interact with aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

Remote-Controlled Aircraft: Engaging in piloting remote-controlled airplanes or drones could be a hobby for Grace, allowing her to experience flight and manoeuvring aircraft in a recreational setting.

Aviation History Research: Exploring and researching aviation history, studying the evolution of aircraft, famous aviators, or significant milestones in aviation could be a hobby reflecting her passion for the industry.

These hobbies align with Grace Harrison's professional background in aviation safety and could serve as enjoyable ways for her to further immerse herself in the world of aviation outside of her work responsibilities.

Upholding Safety Excellence: Grace Harrison's Implementation of Internal Safety Investigations in Accordance with UE Regulations

by Grace Harrison

In the fast-paced world of aviation, safety remains paramount, necessitating a vigilant approach towards identifying and addressing potential risks. 

Grace Harrison, an accomplished Internal Safety Investigator, operates diligently within a framework guided by stringent UE (European Union) regulations to ensure that the internal safety reporting scheme she oversees complies with essential elements, fostering a culture of safety excellence.

Demonstrable Corporate Commitment:

Grace embodies the essence of clearly identified aims and objectives, championing a corporate commitment to safety at every level of her organization. Her initiatives align with the broader objectives of enhancing safety measures, ensuring compliance, and continually improving aviation safety protocols.

Enforcing a Just Culture Policy:

Integral to her safety policy is the implementation of a just culture. Grace ensures that her organization emphasizes fairness, transparency, and accountability. Her approach encourages reporting safety concerns without fear of reprisal, thereby fostering a culture where individuals are motivated to contribute to safety without hesitation.

Rigorous Investigation Process:

Grace oversees a meticulous process to identify reports necessitating investigation. Once identified, she leaves no stone unturned, meticulously investigating all causal and contributing factors. This includes an exhaustive analysis of technical, organizational, managerial, and human factors, offering a comprehensive understanding of each reported occurrence, error, or near miss.

She further analyzes collective data to unveil trends and frequencies of contributing factors, thereby informing proactive risk mitigation strategies tailored to her organization's size and complexity.

Implementation of Corrective Actions and Training:

Drawing from investigation findings, Grace ensures prompt implementation of appropriate corrective actions. Her proactive approach extends beyond issue rectification, aiming to prevent their recurrence. 

Grace emphasizes collaboration, ensuring relevant stakeholders like owners, operators, or Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations (CAMOs) collaborate in occurrence investigations. Maintaining confidentiality of reporters is paramount within her reporting scheme, fostering trust and ensuring a closed-loop system where actions are taken internally to address safety concerns while preserving confidentiality.

Continuous Feedback Mechanism:

Grace maintains an open feedback loop, providing both individual and general feedback to staff involved in the safety reporting scheme. This approach ensures ongoing support, highlighting the value of their contributions and reinforcing the importance of maintaining a robust safety culture.

Grace Harrison's meticulous adherence to UE regulations embodies a commitment to upholding safety excellence. Her proactive approach, coupled with adherence to regulatory frameworks, serves as a benchmark for fostering a safety-centric culture and continuously improving aviation safety within her organization.

GRACE promotes your
by Sally Anderson

Refer to the following STEIA TRAINING COURSES applicable to PO and MO Internal Safety Training :

The overall purpose of the internal safety reporting scheme course is to improve skills of Investigator on the following process :


SAFETY INTERNAL INVESTIGATOR COURSE for Production Organization is developed in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012 and subsequent revisions to meet the requirements of AMC1 21.A.3A(a), AMC1 21.A.139(c)(3) and (4), GM1 21.A.139(c)(5)(i), AMC2 21.A.145(c)(2)

Element of the Course

(1)    understanding of Safety Investigation techniques;

(2)  event, failure, malfunction, defect, error, near miss, hazard identification, incident, accident, or other occurrence

(3)    analyse events and related available information;

(4)    identify adverse trends;

(5)    investigate the associated root cause(s); and

(6)    determine any necessary corrective action

(7)    parts whose failure could lead to an unsafe condition,

(8)  understanding of Safety Investigation Report for changes to the design, instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA),

(9)       establishing a mitigation plan to prevent or minimise the possibility of occurrences

(10)    development of personal characteristics of investigators

(11)    competence, personal behaviour, knowledge and skills of investigators

(12)   complete OJT Training simulating a dedicated internal investigation, Collection, Investigation, Analysis, Report

Prerequisite: successfully completion the course "PART 21 SAFETY TRAINING"

Contact SALLY ANDERSON, Steia Aviation Trainer for more details

21.EN.125 SAFETY INTERNAL INVESTIGATOR COURSE  for Production Organization


SAFETY INTERNAL INVESTIGATOR COURSE for Maintenance Organization is developed in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 of 26 November 2014 and subsequent revisions to meet the requirements of 145.A.60, 145.A.202, GM1 145.A.60, GM1 145.A.202, AMC1 145.A.60 and AMC1 145.A.200(a)(3) and AMC1 145.A.202

Prerequisite: successfully completion the course "PART 145 SAFETY TRAINING"

Contact SALLY ANDERSON, Steia Aviation Trainer for more details


"Grace meticulously manages the identification of reports warranting investigation, leaving no detail unchecked. She conducts thorough investigations, delving into every causal and contributing factor. 

This involves an exhaustive examination encompassing technical, organizational, managerial, and human factors, ensuring a holistic comprehension of each reported incident, error, or near miss"