"Enhancing Safety Together - Empowering Aviation Excellence !"

"Fostering Safety Together: Cultivating a Culture of Awareness and Excellence"


SMS specialized Safety Promoter

At Steia Aviation we have a great team

POLLY is a valid part of the STEIA TEAM, specialized as Safety Promoter at STEIA Aviation.

With a strong background in safety management systems (SMS) and a passion for promoting safety culture, Polly plays a crucial role in ensuring the organization's commitment to safety.

Polly possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in SMS implementation, risk assessment, and safety promotion strategies. She is well-versed in regulatory requirements and industry best practices related to safety management. 

Polly stays up to date with the latest developments in aviation safety and actively seeks opportunities to enhance safety practices within the organization.

As an SMS specialized Safety Promoter, Polly works closely with different STEIA departments and stakeholders to raise safety awareness and encourage proactive safety measures. She develops and implements targeted campaigns, training programs, and communication initiatives to promote a culture of safety throughout the organization. Polly leverages her excellent communication skills to effectively convey safety messages and engage employees at all levels.

Polly also collaborates with the SMS STEIA Team to review safety policies and procedures, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for continuous enhancement of safety performance. She actively participates in safety audits, inspections, and incident investigations, ensuring that lessons learned are shared and incorporated into the SMS framework.

With her dedication and expertise, Polly Thomson serves as a driving force behind the organization's safety promotion efforts. Her ability to effectively communicate the importance of safety, engage stakeholders, and implement impactful strategies makes her an invaluable asset in fostering a strong safety culture at STEIA Aviation.

A range of safety-related topics designed to engage and
inform readers about various aspects of aviation safety.
Polly can expand on each topic with insightful content,
real-life examples, and practical tips 

Polly's support for safety promotion 

At Steia Aviation we have a great team

Polly Thomson - Safety Promoter

Receiving Polly's support for safety promotion is crucial for several reasons:

In conclusion, Polly Thomson's support for safety promotion is vital in building a safety-conscious culture, preventing incidents, ensuring compliance, and continuously improving safety practices at Steia Aviation. 

Her expertise and dedication make her an indispensable asset in creating a safer working environment for everyone involved.

"Safety Promotion involves actively fostering a culture of safety through education, training, communication and advocacy to ensure comprehensive risk awareness and mitigation within aviation operations." 

As a Safety Promoter at STEIA AVIATION, I strive to cultivate a safety-centric mindset, fostering best practices and industry insights through my advocacy, expertise, and informative blogs.


Here are a few hobbies that Polly Thomson, the SMS specialized Safety Promoter at STEIA Aviation, enjoys:

Aviation Photography: Polly has a keen interest in capturing the beauty of aviation through photography. She loves exploring different airports, airshows, and aircraft exhibitions to capture stunning images of airplanes, helicopters, and other aviation-related subjects.

Outdoor Activities: Polly enjoys spending time outdoors and staying active. She often engages in activities like hiking, cycling, or running, which not only help her maintain a healthy lifestyle but also allow her to appreciate nature and recharge her mind.

Reading: Polly is an avid reader and finds great pleasure in delving into books related to aviation, safety management, and personal development. She believes in continuous learning and enjoys exploring new ideas, concepts, and perspectives through reading.

Travel: Given her passion for aviation, Polly loves to explore different destinations and experience various cultures. Traveling allows her to broaden her horizons, gain new insights, and appreciate the diverse aspects of aviation safety practices around the world.

Volunteering: Polly is actively involved in volunteering activities related to aviation safety. She participates in community outreach programs, safety awareness campaigns, and mentoring initiatives to contribute to the broader aviation community and promote safety education.

These hobbies not only reflect Polly's personal interests but also contribute to her overall well-being, allowing her to maintain a balanced and fulfilling life outside of her role as an SMS specialized Safety Promoter.


Educational Background

Polly Thomson holds a bachelor’s degree in aviation safety management from an European recognized institution. Her educational background has provided her with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of safety management within the aviation industry. She has gained in-depth knowledge of safety regulations, risk assessment methodologies, safety culture development, and incident investigation techniques through her academic coursework.


Additionally, Polly has completed specialized training programs and certifications focused on safety management systems (SMS) implementation and promotion. These programs have equipped her with advanced skills in designing, implementing, and evaluating SMS frameworks, as well as fostering a safety-conscious culture within organizations.


Polly actively engages in professional development activities, attending workshops, conferences, and seminars to stay updated on the latest advancements and best practices in safety management. She seeks continuous learning opportunities to enhance her expertise and ensure she remains well-informed about industry trends and emerging safety technologies.


Her educational background, combined with her commitment to ongoing learning and professional development, has provided Polly with a comprehensive understanding of safety management systems and the skills necessary to effectively promote safety within the aviation industry.


Polly is fascinated by the beauty and elegance of aircraft. Through her photography, she can capture stunning images that showcase the intricate design, powerful engines, and graceful flight of airplanes. Polly finds joy in preserving these moments and sharing the captivating essence of aviation with others.

Aviation is a diverse field, encompassing various aircraft types, airlines, and aviation activities. Polly's photography allows her to showcase this diversity by capturing images of commercial airliners, private jets, vintage aircraft, helicopters, and more. Through her lens, she can highlight the different facets of aviation and celebrate its rich tapestry.

Inspiring Others: Polly's photography has the power to inspire others, whether it's aspiring pilots, aviation enthusiasts, or individuals curious about the wonders of flight. Through her images, she aims to evoke a sense of awe and ignite a passion for aviation in others, encouraging them to explore the world of aviation and pursue their dreams.

Documenting Aviation History: Aviation photography serves as a valuable tool for documenting the history of flight. Polly recognizes the significance of preserving the legacy of aviation for future generations. By capturing images of historical aircraft, airshows, and aviation events, she contributes to the documentation of aviation milestones and the evolution of the industry.

Polly combines her passion for aviation with her commitment to safety. Through her photography, she not only captures the beauty of aircraft but also raises awareness about safety practices and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong safety culture within the industry.

Overall, Polly's aviation photography hobby allows her to merge her love for aviation with her creative expression. It enables her to share the awe-inspiring aspects of aviation, preserve its history, and inspire others to appreciate and contribute to the world of flight.

Campaign: "Safety First, Always Together"

by Polly Thomson, the SMS specialized Safety Promoter at Steia Aviation

Objective: To raise awareness about the importance of safety in aviation and promote a culture of safety among all stakeholders.

 "United for Safety, Together in the Skies"

Description: Polly Thomson leads the "Safety First, Always Together" campaign, emphasizing the collaborative efforts required to ensure a safe aviation environment. The campaign highlights the significance of safety practices, encourages reporting of safety concerns, and emphasizes the collective responsibility of all individuals in upholding safety standards.

Key Messages:

"Your Safety Matters": Emphasizing the significance of each individual's role in ensuring safety.

"Report, Respond, Resolve": Encouraging the reporting of safety concerns and timely resolution.

"Together We Soar": Highlighting the power of collaboration and teamwork in maintaining a safe aviation industry.

"Continuous Learning, Continuous Safety": Promoting a culture of ongoing learning and improvement to enhance safety practices.


Safety Workshops: Conducting interactive workshops to educate employees and stakeholders on safety best practices.

Safety Awareness Campaigns: Distributing informative materials, posters, and digital content to raise awareness and reinforce key safety messages.

Safety Awards: Recognizing individuals and teams who demonstrate outstanding commitment to safety.

Safety Forums: Organizing forums to facilitate open discussions on safety-related topics and exchange best practices.


Mr. Richard Lawson

"Polly Thomson is truly passionate about promoting aviation safety and ensuring the well-being of every individual involved in the world of flight"

Mr. Richard Lawson, an esteemed Aviation Manager, deeply values Polly Thomson's efforts in promoting aviation safety. He recognizes her dedication, expertise, and the positive impact she has made in the industry. Mr. Lawson appreciates Polly's commitment to ensuring the highest safety standards and considers her an invaluable asset in enhancing safety culture within the airline industry.

Dr. Daniel Reynolds
Aviation Lawyer

"Her dedication to enhancing safety practices, coupled with her deep knowledge and expertise, makes Polly Thomson a trusted advocate for aviation safety."

Dr. Daniel Reynolds is a prominent aviation lawyer in the aviation industry who holds great admiration for Polly Thomson's commitment to promoting aviation safety. He recognizes her as a dedicated advocate who consistently strives to improve safety practices and raise awareness within the industry. Dr. Reynolds often refers to Polly as a true champion of aviation safety and deeply values her contributions in creating a safer environment for all.

Ms. Sarah Johnson,
Cabin Crew Manager

"Polly's enthusiasm for aviation, combined with her commitment to continuous improvement, drives her to make a positive impact in the industry and inspire others to prioritize safety."

Ms. Sarah Johnson, the Cabin Crew Manager, greatly admires Polly Thomson's contributions to the aviation industry. She recognizes Polly's remarkable impact in promoting safety and creating a culture of prioritizing safety among the cabin crew team. Sarah often highlights Polly's ability to inspire and motivate others to maintain high safety standards and actively participate in safety initiatives. 

Mrs Polly Thomson
Specialized Safety Promoter
eMAIL : polly.steiaviation@gmail.com