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Ava Morgan - Steia Safety Assurance Trainer

AVA is a specialized trainer at STEIA Aviation.

Ava Morgan is a seasoned professional specializing in safety assurance within the aviation industry. With a wealth of experience in safety audits and risk assessment, Ava plays a pivotal role as the Safety Assurance Trainer at Steia Aviation. She is committed to identifying potential safety hazards and implementing effective mitigation strategies to ensure a secure aviation environment.




Steia Safety Assurance Trainer


My journey in the aviation industry has equipped me with a deep understanding of safety auditing, risk assessment, and the implementation of effective safety practices. As the STEIA Safety Assurance Trainer, my goal is to empower our team with the knowledge and skills needed to identify potential safety hazards and proactively address them.

I hold a Master's degree in Aviation Safety Assurance and am a Certified Safety Assurance Professional (SAP). I have had the privilege of collaborating with diverse teams to conduct safety audits, assess risks, and develop strategies that prioritize safety at every level.

Outside of my professional role, I'm an avid traveler and love exploring new destinations. I'm also a passionate home cook, always excited to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen.

I look forward to working together to ensure a safe and secure aviation environment. If you have any questions or would like to discuss safety assurance practices, feel free to reach out. Let's keep safety at the forefront of our endeavors.

Safety Assurance in Aviation
Expert Insights from Ava Morgan

Safety is paramount in the aviation industry, where the lives of passengers and crew rely on the meticulous implementation of rigorous safety measures. One professional who stands out in the realm of safety assurance is Ava Morgan. With a wealth of experience and a dedication to ensuring secure aviation operations, Ava Morgan has become a beacon of expertise in the field.

Safety assurance, as defined encompasses planned and systematic actions that provide the necessary confidence in the safety of a product, service, organization, or functional system. It involves continuous surveillance, assessment of safety performance, and evaluation of safety management processes and practices.

Ava Morgan is a seasoned professional who has etched her name in the domain of safety assurance within the aviation industry. Holding the role of Safety Assurance Trainer at Steia Aviation, she plays a pivotal role in upholding and instilling safety practices that meet and exceed industry standards.

Ava Morgan's journey as a Safety Assurance Trainer at Steia Aviation exemplifies the dedication and expertise required to navigate the intricate landscape of aviation safety. Her qualifications, experience, and proactive approach make her a beacon of assurance in an industry where safety is paramount. Through her contributions, she not only upholds safety standards but also inspires others to uphold the same unwavering commitment to the security of aviation operations.

Morgan's expertise is underpinned by her educational background and qualifications..

 She holds a Master's degree in Aviation Safety Assurance, demonstrating a deep understanding of the principles that govern safety within aviation. Her certification as a Safety Assurance Professional (SAP) further solidifies her position as a trusted authority in the field.

Morgan's proficiency extends to safety auditing methodologies and risk management techniques. With a keen eye for detail, she has successfully conducted safety audits and risk evaluations that contribute to the continuous improvement of safety protocols.

Throughout her career, Ava Morgan has showcased her commitment to enhancing safety practices within aviation organizations. Collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams, she has been instrumental in developing proactive safety solutions. Her ability to communicate complex safety concepts with clarity has made her an effective educator, delivering comprehensive training programs on safety assurance best practices.

Morgan embodies the essence of safety assurance by adopting an intrusive and enquiring approach rather than merely ticking boxes. Recognizing the criticality of going beyond administrative formalities, she delves deep into organizational arrangements, processes, and practices to ensure that they align with safety objectives.

Core Components of
Safety Assurance

Ava Morgan aligns with ICAO's framework for safety assurance, which includes:

Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement: Morgan emphasizes the significance of monitoring and measuring safety performance outcomes to validate the effectiveness of safety risk management. This involves assessing the delivery of services and compliance with safety policies and objectives.

Management of Change: With her meticulous attention to detail, Morgan stresses the importance of a formal process for managing changes within aviation service provider organizations. By identifying and addressing potential safety risks resulting from changes, she ensures that safety performance remains uncompromised.

Continuous Improvement: As an advocate for excellence, Morgan champions continuous improvement of the Safety Management System (SMS). By identifying causes of sub-standard performance and addressing them, she contributes to the evolution of safety practices